The institute is set in a well-planned campus in over 5 acres in the heart of the city. Over 10 acres of grassy ground surrounds the campus. Aesthetic building, well furnished classrooms, Lecture theaters, library, laboratories, abundant space for indoor and outdoor sports facilities, offer an ideal environment for pursuit of a professional career.

Computing Facilities
Our Air Conditioned Computer Center provides students with the latest computing interfaces such as DOS, LINUX, Novel Netware, Windows, Visual Studio, SQL, Oracle, Corel Draw, Page Maker, MS Office, Anti Virus etc.
In the Hardware facilities, we have more than 100 machines like Dual core, P IV, P III, Pentium, Celeron, and 20 Unix terminals connected to separate servers for UNIX, Netware, WIN NT and Linux.
Simultaneously, assignments and research activities of students and faculty are conducted here itself. The center aids various administrative tasks for the Institute and solicits training and project assignment from outside, to provide practical exposure to students. This center is equipped with latest Hardware and Software. Net access for every student with personalized ID and password system is available here.

Electronics Laboratory
The Electronics Laboratory of M.B. Khalsa College is the only one in the city, which caters to the advanced requirements of Electronics Honours students with experiments related to Transducers, Assembly language programming, Frequency and Amplitude modulation and advanced Communication boards, etc.
The lab is fully equipped to impart the practical training of basic and advanced Electronics. Students use trainer boards and discrete components and they have facilities to prepare their own circuits on PCs The department conducts experiments for both, Post Graduate and Under Graduate levels. Each practical group has 2-3 members and a modest batch is supervised by at least two  faculty members.

Physics  Laboratory
The college Physics department has a well-equipped lab at its disposal. Students are egged on to acquire in-depth knowledge of the subject as they enjoy a conceptual understanding of the subject.
The Department motivates and facilitates deserving students for Summer Research Training Programs at prestigious Research Organization like the Inter University Consortium (IUC), Raja Ramanna Center of Advanced Technology (RRCAT), etc.
One special mention should be the Frank Hertz experiment, which provides the verification of the concept of discrete energy states of atom, such a state - of- art experiment is not available in any other College in Indore except M.B. Khalsa college.
Pre practical (Viva as well as written) exams are conducted regularly. Practical on Mechanics and Electronics, Optics, Thermodynamics and Modern Physics are conducted. For the PG level students, the department provides additional study hours at the college Library, and also facilitates relevant reference material.

Chemistry Laboratory

The chemistry lab is designed and equipped with ultra modern instruments for the Graduate and Post Graduate students. It has advanced instruments like UV/VIS, Spectro - Photo Meter, Polarimeter,  pH meter, Calorimeter, conductivity meter, Nephlo-Meter etc.
The Chemistry Lab is divided into Physical, Inorganic and Organic Sections and it caters to the requirements of both Graduate and Post Graduate students.

Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Laboratories
Biological Science department comprises of well equipped molecular Biology lab, plant tissue culture lab along with uu and pu Biotechnology labs. The newly constructed Biotechnology PG lab is well equipped with advanced and sophisticated instruments like- PCR machine, Gel-Doc system, small lab scale fermentor, Ultrasonicator, Temperature controlled high speed centrifuge, Vertical and sub-marine electrophoresis units, Incubator cum shaker, Laminar air flow cabinets etc.
The latest equipment available here enables students to carry out research work. The Biotechnology department has integrated lab facilities for Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Molecular Biology and Cell biology.
Our students are engaged in various research projects in the reputed research institutes like BARC, TIFR, CMAP, CDRI, IIT, NIV, NDRI etc.
Our Biotechnology students have qualified various national and international level examinations like JNU, TIFR, NET and GRE. The Bioinformatics students have opportunity for industrial and summer training.

Seminar Hall
The College Seminar Hall is air conditioned and equipped with the latest Audio Visual gadgets. It is used for a host of activities such as guest lectures, project presentations, workshops etc.
The Project Presentation is accompanied by live demos of projects on computer. This not only provides students with a larger critical audience, it also gives them confidence in Public Speaking and interacting with peers.

Library and Reading Rooms
The college dons a revamped and all-subject encompassing Library. We have spent  lavishly on providing for ergonomic furniture to the students visiting it. The library houses the latest journals and other reference materials on IT, Managements, Commerce, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Physics, Life Sciences etc.
The library is open eight hours a day and can accommodate a hundred students at any given time. The in-house facilities include indexing and bibliographic support services. Students can also avail access to the University Central Library at Takshashilla Campus after depositing nominal fees as per University rules.
The library extends into a large reading room (area: 2100 Sq. Ft.) replete with ergonomic furniture. The well lit and ventilated area ensures students a peaceful environment conducive to study. Students prefer to spend spare moments here rather than other hangouts just so that they can stay connected with the real knowledge world around them.

Indoor Auditorium
The college has a huge Indoor Auditorium. It is used in sports activities such as skating, badminton etc. It efficiently serves as the venue for Annual function and other cultural activities.

Besides all sports facilities a-state-of-the-art Gymnasium is also operational since last year. It is well equipped with ultra modern machines.
The college Gym is the cradle for many Khalsa Sports Stars.

Khalsa offers some fine sports activities, which normally are absent at such an advanced level in other institutions of the city. Our huge outdoor stadium offers facilities for athletics, Basket Ball, Cricket, Hand Ball, Volley Ball and Football. This has helped our students to excel in sports. Our student Sikander Kuril was recently placed on the cover page on the Newsweek Magazine. A large number of Khalsaites have represented the State and University in various events.


A spacious, clean cafeteria provides for the breakfast needs of student and staff alike, and is the den for all to relax and unwind.