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M.Sc. (Computer Science)
This is a two-year postgraduate regular program whose curriculum includes the latest in Computer Science. The aim of this course is to produce world-class Professional who have excellent analytical skills, communication skills, team building spirit and ability to work in cross cultural environment

Subjects offered under M.Sc. Computer Science (C.Sc.):

Semester I   Semester  II  
Paper Subject Paper Subject
I Computer and Communication fundamentals   I Computer Architecture and Organization
II Discrete Structures II Data Structures Using C++
III Operating Systems III Software Engineering
IV Programming and Problem Solving through C IV Database Management System
V Communication Skills V Computer Networks
    VI Organization and Management Concepts
Semester  III   Semester  IV  
I Embedded Systems I Linux/UNIX Administration
II Database Application and Tools II Compiler Design
III Theory of Computation III Internet & Web Technology
IV Computer Graphics and Multimedia IV Design and Analysis of Algorithms
V Object Oriented Programming Using JAVA V Project Viva - Voce