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M.Sc. (Biotechnology )

This is a two-year postgraduate regular program whose curriculum includes the latest in Biotechnology.

Subjects offered under M.Sc. (Biotechnology):
Semester I   Semester  II  
Paper Subject Paper Subject
I Biochemistry   I Molecular Biology
II Cell & Developmental Biology II Bacterial Genetics & Genetic Engineering
III Micro Biology III Immunology
IV Laboratory -I IV Analytical Techniques
V Laboratory-II V Laboratory-I
VI Project VI Laboratory-II
Semester  III   Semester  IV  
I Internship Project(Workplace Training) I Bio Process Technology
II Bio-Interpreneurship II Genomics & Proteomics
III Communication Skills III Animal Biotechnology
IV IPR & Bio-safty Training IV Plant Biotechnology
V Laboratory I
VI Laboratory-II
VII Project