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M.Sc. Chemistry
M.Sc. Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry

M.Sc. Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry course under Devi Ahilya Vishwavidhyalaya is a regular 2-year Postgraduate course. All students who had Mathematics/Physics/Chemistry as one of the subjects in B.Sc. are eligible to seek admission in this course.

M.Sc. Chemistry
     Semister I       Semester II
    1. Inorganic Chemistry      6.Inorganic Chemistry
    2.Organic Chemistry        7.Organic Chemistry
    3.Physical Chemistry       8.Physical Chemistry
    4.Group Theory & Spectroscopy
      9 Spectroscopy & Diffraction Method
    a) Mathematics for chemist*       10 Computer for Chemists
    b) Biology For Chemist**

    Semester-III                                    Semester IV
       11.Internship                                    12.Application Of Spectroscopy(Organic Chemistry)
                                               13.Solid State Chemistry
                                             14.Environmental Chmistry
                                               15.Elective Paper-I
                                                16.Elective Paper-II

*For students without Mathematics in B.Sc.
**For students without Biology in B.Sc.